Revitalizing Communities

Working Together to Revitalize Communities

Eligible businesses can receive incentives to occupy vacant spaces and breathe new life into struggling business districts.

Small Business Revival Programs

Empty spaces aren't good for towns ... and they aren't good for the electric grid, either. Empty buildings mean that power isn't being utilized efficiently. That's why we want to offer incentives to businesses to revitalize vacant buildings. Together, we can help boost the economy while helping to reduce energy costs for everyone.

Vacant Space Revival Pilot Program

The Vacant Space Revival Program is designed to encourage occupancy of commercial space in a business district or in an area of existing commercial businesses that has been vacant for a period of one year or more.

Main Street Revitalization Pilot Program

The Main Street Revitalization Program is designed to encourage economic vitality of a business district and to optimize the use of existing electric infrastructure. This program offers financial incentive awards for projects in a local business district that is expected to improve the economic stability and growth of a municipality.

Small Business Goals

  • Offer financial incentives to support the redevelopment of commercial and business facilities
  • Encourage new business growth
  • Create and retain jobs
  • Drive economic growth in local economies
  • Optimize electric grid operations by encouraging economic growth in areas with surplus transmission and distribution capacity, leading to lower costs to all customers by spreading the fixed costs over a larger customer base
  • Complement current and future energy efficiency and renewables programs and objectives