All Electric Homes Program

An Ideal Solution

Looking to lower overall energy costs and reduce carbon emissions for homeowners? If yes, the All-Electric Homes program is the ideal solution! The All-Electric Homes program offers rebates and bonus incentives to PSEG Long Island approved developers and contractors building single-family all-electric homes or converting existing single-family residences from fossil fuel heating equipment and appliances to all-electric in the PSEG Long Island territory.

Whole-House Heat Pumps
The All-Electric Homes program requires the installation of whole-house heat pumps, electric water heating, and electric energy efficient appliances. All required equipment must be installed to participate in the program and to be eligible for bonuses. Please see the All-Electric Homes application for all required equipment, bonus tiers, and eligibility requirements.

Replacing fossil fuel powered equipment with electric powered equipment, like whole-house cold climate air source heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps, that provide both heating and cooling, can provide efficient, economical, and greener alternatives for your home. Whole-house heat pumps along with other technologies like instantaneous water heaters and electric lawn equipment can also help reduce oil spills, gas leaks, and smelly fumes and noise as well.