When the Power is Out

What to Do When Your Power is Out

When the power goes out, safety takes priority. Connect with us through MyAlerts by texting OUT to PSEGLI (773454)

Report an Outage

Most times we will reach out to you with information regarding your outage. If you're in the dark, let us know. Text OUT to PSEGLI (773454) or call 1-800-490-0075 24/7.

View Outages

Get up-to-date outage information from our Outage Map.

Estimated Times of Restoration

We use an Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR) to gauge how long it takes to restore your power. When your power is out we work as efficiently and safely as possible to restore your service in a timely manner. After you've reported an outage, our system generates an ETR.


Report an outage, get updates on power restoration, and more. You can register by texting REG to PSEGLI (773454) or through My Account.

Connect with Us

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