Switching to TOU - An Obvious Choice for Our Family

Otis and his family saved approximately $500 in seven months

After racing rally cars in the U.S. and Europe for more than 15 years, Otis now runs LIMsport, a Glen Cove automotive restoration shop specializing in motorsports of all types. If you think he drives a souped-up, gas-guzzling speed machine down the Long Island Expressway, think again. Otis enjoys his two electric vehicles (EVs) and the cost savings they provide his family.

How Otis discovered Time of Use

Otis bought his first EV last May ― a Smart EQ for his daily commute ― because he wanted to save on his electric bill. At the time, Time of Use (TOU) rate plans were new at PSEG Long Island. However, Otis knew from his business that energy cost can vary based on the time of day you use it, so he looked for the TOU rate plan option that best suited his family’s needs. Otis said switching to a TOU plan was easy, and since he could always change back, the switch was an obvious choice.

How Otis saves money each month using TOU

When it came to his electric rates at home, Otis knew TOU was the best tool to use to save energy dollars without impacting his family’s routine. After saving a significant amount of money with TOU, Otis bought a second EV. The family added even more to their savings by running the dishwasher at night and programming their air conditioner at a higher setting during peak hours. With these simple tweaks, Otis’ family saved nearly $500 on electricity in the last seven months! Learn more ways to save with TOU rate plans.

“So basically, I have two electric cars that are being charged at home, and I set the chargers to charge them at night starting at 10 p.m. when my off-peak (cheaper) hours start.”

Will a TOU rate plan work best for you?

TOU works best for Otis and his family, but every home is different. As we’ve seen from other Long Island residents who made the switch, choosing how and when to run large appliances (e.g., electric heating units, pool pumps or air conditioners) can easily make TOU the best deal for you. 

PSEG Long Island’s free rate calculator makes it easy to see your TOU rate plan options and potential bill savings. There’s no risk in trying TOU because you can always switch back to your current rate plan. If you want to see how you can save on TOU, login to My Account and select the Rate Calculator. Take a moment now to see if it works for you. There’s nothing to lose.