How to Keep your Pool Clean and Energy Efficient

Keep your pool comfortable, clean and energy efficient this summer.

Swimming pools are a great way to cool off during the summer, but they can be expensive to maintain. Here’s a list of ways to keep your swimming pool energy efficient and reduce energy costs

1. Switch to Time of Use

Generally, you only need to run your electric pool pump 8 hours per day to have a clean pool. This along with filters and heaters can be programmed to run automatically during the least expensive hours of the day, which can bring your summer energy bill way down! Now with PSEG Long Island’s new Time of Use (TOU) rate plans for residential customers, you can also take advantage of Super Off-Peak hours when rates are 40% lower.

2. Heat your pool with less energy

Heating your pool to a comfortable temperature can require more energy. Be sure to use the heat pump pool pumps and solar covers, which use much less energy. Heat pump pool pumps are very efficient as they transfer heat from the outside air to your pool water, using much less electricity. Pool solar covers heat the water and reduce evaporation. They also keep dirt and debris out of the water, which means you won’t need to run the pool pump as often.

Get Money Back: Solar covers pay for themselves quickly in heating and cleaning, cost, and time savings. To help save you even more money on upfront costs, PSEG Long Island offers rebates for both heat pump pool heaters and for solar pool covers.

3. Use a pool pump timer

A programmable pool pump timer is a simple way to ensure maximum savings by running only during Super Off-Peak hours when energy is less expensive.

Get Money Back: Upgrade or replace your pool pump and save with one of these valuable rebates to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

4. Install a variable-speed pool pump

Variable-speed pool pumps use less energy than traditional pool pumps by allowing you to control the speed that the pump operates. While variable-speed pumps are more expensive than traditional pumps, they often pay for themselves quickly.

5. Use a skimmer to remove debris and brush to scrub the walls and floor

Skimming regularly and using a pool brush keeps your pool clean and reduces strain on your pump.

6. Vacuum the pool regularly - and automatically

Vacuuming the pool regularly keeps your pool clean and requires less effort from your pool pump. Today, many vacuums are robotic, doing the job for you automatically. They also require less energy than pool filters and helps cut down on pool chemicals too. Save even more by running the vacuum during Super Off-Peak hours!