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The Rate Calculator analyzes your actual energy use over the past 365 days to compare your current rate to other rate options and calculate the most cost effective rate for you.

When deciding which rate plan to select, keep in mind that the tool only shows comparisons based on your past electricity use. On a Time of Use (TOU) plan you can save even more by shifting energy use from higher cost Peak hours to lower cost Off-Peak hours for your high-electricity-use devices like air conditioning, pool pumps, pool heaters, dishwashers and electric vehicle chargers.


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Use the Tool Periodically

The tool updates your data and calculations monthly after each new billing period ends. In general, customers with My Account should use the Rate Comparison Tool every six months and check to see if a better rate works for their household as circumstances can change. If you find that you can save more on another plan, you have choices. The calculations do not guarantee savings because it does not account for future bill or rate adjustments, one-time charges/credits, taxes or changes to how and when you use energy (for example, a new appliance).

Please note:
The “Compare Rate Plans” button and the Rate Comparison table in MyAccount will only appear for customers who are eligible and have an AMI meter with 365 Days of AMI usage history. If you do not meet these criteria, please contact us at 1-800-490-0025 to consult with one of our experienced TOU customer service representatives.