Smart Charge Rewards

Charge your electric vehicle, get cash back. It’s that simple.

Join PSEG Long Island Smart Charge Rewards program and get $0.05 per kWh cash back when you use your qualified* smart charger between the off peak hours of 11pm and 6am. You’ll see the cash add up every time you charge and in these challenging times, every penny counts. 

$50 Enrollment Bonus! For a limited time, we’ll send you a check for $50 just for enrolling in Smart Charge Rewards.**

How it Works

To participate, customers must have activated an eligible Smart Charger; Device must be recognized on the EVSE network. Qualified chargers include: ChargePoint Home, CPH-25 or ChargePoint Home Flex, CPH-50, Clipper Creek HCS40 (JuiceNet enabled), and JuiceBox 32 or JuiceBox 40. Every quarter PSEG Long Island will analyze the data from your charger*, calculate your cash back and send you a check (or issue a bill credit).

Savings Snapshot
Incentivized charge for an average 7kWh /day
Cash back*
$25.55 per quarter
$102.20 per year
*Total kWh will vary by vehicle and by customer

Payout Schedule

Activity Period Payout
January, February, March 
April, May, June July
July, August, September October
October, November, December January

How to Deliver Your Charging Data

PSEG Long Island uses the data from your charger -- including dates and times and total charging energy -- to calculate your Reward payouts. Here’s a quick guide to set up your charger on the network.

ChargePoint Customers
The Charger ID or the MAC ID can usually be found on the label on the device itself:

  • Charger ID: 12 digits Numeric, Example: 194541027###
  • MAC ID: 16 digits AlphaNumeric, Example: 0024B100000##E#B

Setting up your ChargePoint charger is easy when you use the ChargePoint App

Have the app? Click here for Connections
Need the app? Download here or follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1: Sign up for the ChargePoint app.
  • Step 2: Open the main menu, then click “Account.”
  • Step 3: Click “Connections.”
  • Step 4: Then tap the “Browse Connections” button.
  • Step 5: Enter PSEG Long Island. Enter your address and PSEG Long Island Account # and click “Submit Request.”
  • Step 6: You’ll automatically receive an email confirmation from ChargePoint.

EnelX JuiceBox Customers
The 28-digit JuiceBox Charger ID is printed on the label affixed to the device (on the back or on the side). You can email it to us at To set up your JuiceBox charger please follow the following JuiceBox instructions

Program Terms

Download the program terms and conditions.



**  Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your Enrollment Bonus check. Checks will be mailed to the mailing address associated with electric service account.