Ducted Air Source Heat Pump

An ideal solution
Enjoy the energy advantages of a new air-handler and condenser, while conveniently utilizing your home’s existing ductwork. A ducted air source heat pump provides quiet, powerful, more economical cooling and heating year round.

Why are heat pumps so efficient 
When expertly sized to your home or business, this ALL-IN-ONE heating and cooling solution delivers benefits all year: In the winter, refrigerant coils in the system absorb heat energy from the outdoors — yes, even cold air can supply heat energy! That heat energy is then concentrated through a compressor and pumped inside to efficiently heat up indoor spaces. In the summer, the same unit operates in reverse, cooling the indoors by absorbing the heat energy in the air and moving it outdoors. Instead of generating energy, you’re moving it — which is a much more efficient and economical process.

Already installed? 
Did you already install a heat pump unit but did not use a participating contractor? PSEG Long Island still wants to help! The Home Comfort program offers a fixed rebate amount of $150/qualifying heat pump unit installed by a nonparticipating HVAC contractor. Please download and complete the rebate application to submit your rebate request.