Air Source Heat Pumps

Upgrade Your Comfort the Smart and Easy Way.

Enjoy the energy advantages of a new air-handler and condenser, while conveniently utilizing your home’s existing ductwork.

Get more comfort and energy savings without a complete overhaul.
An air source heat pump provides quiet, powerful, more economical cooling and heating year round. Plus, advanced zone controls provide greater flexibility for customized comfort, with energy-efficient heat pump technology.

Heat pumps are air conditioning systems with a reversing valve that allows one unit to provide both cooling and heating. During the warmer months, the heat pump is in the cooling mode. It uses a refrigerant to transfer warm air from inside your home to the outdoors. During the colder months, the heat pump operates like an air conditioner in reverse. The refrigerant transfers warmth from the outside air to inside your home. Yes, even in winter the air contains a certain amount of heat that can be used to warm your home.

PSEG Long Island offers valuable rebates on a variety of compact ENERGY STAR® rated models to fit any space. You can trust one of our highly skilled PSEG Long Island Home Comfort Partners. Count us to help make your energy efficiency upgrade a fast, easy and affordable experience.

Bring smart and quiet comfort to any room – using your existing ductwork!

  • Greater energy efficiency saves you money
  • Quiet operation won’t disturb your sleep
  • Maximum heating and cooling that uses the least amount of energy
  • Smart Tip: Works as a backup to your current heating system

Already installed? 
Did you already install a heat pump unit but did not use a participating contractor? PSEG Long Island still wants to help! The Home Comfort program offers a fixed rebate amount of $150/qualifying heat pump unit (non-ccASHP only, not listed on NEEP ccASHP list) installed by a nonparticipating HVAC contractor. Please visit the PSEG Long Island Residential Online Application site to submit your rebate request. 

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