Make Ready Incentive Program

PSEG Long Island EV Make Ready Program

Investing in the electrical infrastructure to help Long Islanders drive green

Note: Phase 1 Applications for DCFC chargers will be accepted until November 30th 2021. All new applications for DCFC chargers received after this date will fall under Phase 2 guidelines, launching in early 2022.

PSEG Long Island’s Electric Vehicle Make Ready Program aims to enable EV adoption and provide access to charging stations by investing in infrastructure across the island. This program helps EV chargers become more economically viable for private investment over the long term. In addition, the EV Make-Ready Program will incentivize greater deployment of EV supply equipment (EVSE) and target deployment based on the geographical absence of public charging in areas with greater need and lower costs.  

The PSEG Long Island Electric Vehicle Make Ready program directly supports New York State goals to achieve a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 2030, and to deploy 850,000 ZEVs by 2025. Long Island’s share of the State goal is 178,500 EVs, based on the ratio of vehicles registered on Long Island to those in the state, which is approximately 21%. In July 2020, the New York DPS released the Make-Ready Program Order that established statewide goals for a utility-supported EVSE make-ready program (Make-Ready Order). The premise of the Make-Ready Order is that major electric utilities should provide financial contributions for make-ready infrastructure to accelerate EVSE deployment, in turn enabling more rapid adoption of EVs.

For 2021, there is limited funding available to support make-ready projects:

  • DCFC 24 Public Ports
  • Level 2: 90 Public ports and 164 Workplace

This initial investment builds the foundation with funding to support EVSE infrastructure with Make-ready incentives that may cover up to 100% of eligible make-ready costs, including:

  • Utility-owned equipment: step-down transformers, overhead service lines, utility meters, and other traditional distribution infrastructure.
  • Customer-owned equipment includes conductors, trenching, panels for stations, and other customer-side equipment.

    * Eligible equipment excludes the charging stations and ports themselves. Additional exclusions apply, please review our application for equipment eligible for incentives under this program. Available incentives will first apply to utility-side make-ready costs, and then any remaining incentive will be provided as a rebate for customer-side make-ready costs.


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