Direct Current Fast Charging

New Incentives to Build EV Charging Infrastructure

Electric vehicles (EVs) are more popular than ever, but to drive adoption to the next level, Long Island and the Rockaways need a robust infrastructure of publicly available public charging stations with direct current fast charging (DCFC) units.

The PSEG Long Island DC Fast Charge program is designed to encourage the installation of DCFC equipment throughout the service territory.  This program will help mitigate the range anxiety that keeps some consumers from purchasing EVs. PSEG Long Island's program is being offered in conjunction with similar programs from other NY utilities, making fast vehicle charging available consistently across the state.

The Incentive
Incentive recipients will receive an annual per plug payout, payable at the end of each 12-month anniversary. The initial incentive amount depends on when the customer is accepted into the program (the eligibility year), and the power rating of each plug. The incentive payout declines every year thereafter. See the chart below for estimated incentive levels.

Maximum Available Incentive

Maximum Available Incentive

Power Rating
The level of the incentive depends upon the power rating of the DCFC facility and the configuration of plugs associated with the charging equipment.

  • The maximum incentive amount is paid per plug capable of providing ≥ 75 kW of delivered-power simultaneously with all other plugs provided by the charging equipment.
  • Plugs capable of providing 50 kW to 74 kW of delivered-power simultaneously with all other plugs provided by the charging will receive 60% of the incentive amount noted in the table above.
  • Plugs supporting less than 50 kW of delivered-power are not eligible for the incentive.
  • If the charging equipment supports multiple plugs, the delivered power available at the lowest powered plug during simultaneous use is the basis for calculating the incentive.
  • Proprietary charging technology is eligible for the incentive, when a standardized plug Society of Automotive Engineers Combined Charging System (SAECCS) or CHAdeMO plug type is co-located at the same site. 
  • Payment will be made annually following station owner’s submission of the required activity report for twelve months of operation after energization of meter (Anniversary date).
  • The Annual Incentive Payment will be capped at the lower of: the station's aggregate per-plug incentive amount; OR the total delivery costs for the twelve month billing period for which the incentive is being calculated. 
  • No incentives will be earned after December 31, 2025.



For questions about our Direct Current Fast Charging program, please email .