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What to Expect from REAP Home Survey

A REAP technician will come to your home and provide a FREE REAP home survey and teach you how to use less electric energy by practicing energy efficiency. As part of an home survey a REAP technician will inspect your electric appliances, lighting, heating system, and other electric energy consuming equipment to determine how energy-efficient they are. They'll talk to you about your lifestyle and give you valuable information about energy-efficiency and provide practical suggestions, like lowering the temperature on your thermostat and using energy-saving settings on appliances, to help lower your energy costs. They'll evaluate all the information they gather to help determine how much money you could save on your energy bills.

During the REAP home survey, a REAP technician may install energy-saving measures in your home…at no cost to you! In fact, all REAP services provided are at no cost to eligible customers. The energy saving measures we choose will depend on individual needs and circumstances. But REAP technicians choose items that will make your home the MOST energy efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a REAP home energy survey cost? 
    The REAP home energy survey is FREE - no cost to you!
  • How do I qualify and enroll in the REAP Program?
    1) You have a PSEG Long Island Account
    2) Comply with income guidelines and size of household 
    3) Call the REAP Program Call Center at 1-800-263-6786 or complete this online form to schedule an appointment.
  • Are renters eligible to participate in the REAP Program? 
    Yes, renters are allowed to participate as long as they have an account in their name.
  • How long does a REAP home energy survey take? 
    The REAP home energy survey takes approximately two (2) hours.
  • Are appliances provided on a REAP home energy survey new or refurbished?
    The ENERGY STAR certified appliances (window room air conditioners and dehumidifiers) that are provided through the REAP Program are brand new appliances.
  • What happens to the existing appliance in the customer's home? 
    The existing appliance is taken to be recycled in accordance with State and Federal regulations.


Last Updated 10/17/2016 10:57 AM