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Solar Leasing Rebates & Forms

Our rebate, along with New York State’s Solar Tax credit and Federal Tax incentive, can help homeowners reduce the cost of leasing a PV system.

Rebate & Incentive Downloads for PPAs or Lease Agreements

All Solar Leasing Application packets must be submitted concurrently to both Power Asset Management at and Rebate Processing at

Federal Tax Credit

New York State Incentives


Informational Downloads

Rebate Information for PPAs or Lease Agreements

  • The incentives vary depending on the systems size, type of equipment installed, panel orientation, and shading. The rebate is calculated using the Expected Performance Based Buy-down (EPBB) method which allows us to incentivize more efficient and optimally sited solar systems. The EPBB is an up-front incentive payment (rebate) for new grid connected solar PV systems and inverters based on the expected output of the system compared to an ideal solar system installation. Calculate Solar Savings & Benefits.
  • Rebates are on a first-come, first-serve basis pending application pre-approved by us.
  • Must be a residential electric customer located in our service territory.
  • Our rebates are valid only for new grid-connected PV systems.

Federal Tax Incentives

  • 30% Residential Solar Investment Tax Credit through December 31, 2016
  • No cap on credit for qualified solar electric property installations installed after 12/31/08. 

New York State Incentives

  • 25% Residential Tax Credit on net costs for a solar electric system
  • Maximum credit = $5,000
  • Sales tax FREE on PV equipment purchases in New York State



* PPA and leasing companies are able to take advantage of state and federal tax benefits that are not available to you as a homeowner, and therefore we offer a higher rebate for those residential customers who choose to purchase-to-own their solar PV system.


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