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Community Distributed Generation

Renewable, accessible energy.

PSEG Long Island is proud to support a brand new way for our customers to take advantage of the savings and environmental benefits that renewable energy provides.

It’s called Community Distributed Generation (CDG) and it makes renewable energy, particularly solar power, more accessible to more people than ever before. That’s why it’s sometimes known as shared renewable energy. CDG removes obstacles like lack of financing or being in a location that’s not suitable for solar panels.

Traditionally, a renewable energy source, like solar panels, generates power for the single home or business where it was installed. CDG can expand the benefits of renewable energy to customers well beyond where the energy source is located. For example, multiple customers can save money on their electric bills thanks to energy credits generated by one, large solar array located elsewhere. The array would be managed by a “host” that enrolls customers and acts as a liaison with PSEG Long Island.

PSEG Long Island is committed to offering our customers as many ways to save money as possible. CDG provides that, while also helping to expand the use of cleaner, greener energy that will reduce energy costs and environmental impact well into the future.

Community Distributed Generation (CDG) for Hosts


We look forward to supporting your CDG project. Please review the procedural requirements before submitting the forms provided below.

Additional information

  • If the Host account is an existing PV system, submit documents to
  • If the Host account does not have an existing PV system, submit documents to
  • PSEG Long Island will notify the CDG Host when submission of a complete and accurate Initial Allocation Request has been accepted by the Company.
  • Accepted Initial Allocation Requests will be effective, commencing with the first full Host Account billing period, 60 days after receipt of such request.
  • Satellite allocations must not exceed 100 percent. The percentage of Satellite allocations less than 100 percent will remain as Excess Generation at the CDG Host account.


Last Updated 09/09/2016 10:42 AM