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Programmable Thermostat

Take Advantage of Our Thermostat Program

Get the most out of your energy dollar.

In addition to helping homeowners with CAC save energy, PSEG Long Island's Thermostat Program also helps Long Island’s electric system to operate more efficiently on critical peak demand days.

UPDATE: Thank you for your interest in PSEG Long Island’s Thermostat Program. As of July 1, 2016, the program is fully subscribed and not accepting new enrollees. To our current participants, the suspension of new enrollment will not affect your thermostat. We will continue to operate and maintain PSEG Long Island’s Thermostat Program. Please do not remove your thermostat, if you want to continue to participate in an event of curtailment. Please call customer service (1-866-547-2334) if you have any questions or concerns regarding your thermostat.
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Some Real Benefits

  • Manage your energy usage to fit your lifestyle
  • Program your thermostat using the internet or your smartphone
  • Help to ensure reliable power to you and your community
  • Help reduce air pollution
  • Delay need for costly power delivery system upgrades
  • Allow us to remotely adjust your CAC system between the hours of 2PM and 6PM for a maximum 7 days throughout the summer.


  • You get a free Carrier smart thermostat (valued at $300) and we'll handle the installations, at no cost to you.

Program Details

  • Smart thermostats allow you to adjust settings using the internet or your smartphone, from anywhere, and are equipped with programming features that maximize the efficiency of your central air-conditioning system.
  • Smart thermostats also allow PSEG Long Island to remotely adjust the amount of electricity your central air-conditioning system uses to help reduce the demand for energy during peak periods.
  • A signal similar to a pager and/or beeper will communicate with your central air-conditioning thermostat and will cycle your unit's compressor on and off to reduce demand on our electric system.
  • Your fan will continue to operate and circulate air.
  • You can always override the adjustment if necessary.


Last Updated 08/24/2016 12:51 PM