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ENERGY STAR® Certified Room Air Conditioners

Save up to $50 on a new room air conditioner!

Remember that bigger is not always better! Buying an air conditioner that is too large does not provide better cooling. An oversized air conditioner is actually less effective — and wastes energy at the same time. Make sure your unit is properly sized. View the ENERGY STAR Room Air Conditioner Buying Guide to properly size your air conditioner!

ENERGY STAR certified room air conditioners:

  • Use about 15% less energy than conventional models, which could mean a savings of about $85 over the lifetime of the unit, on average.
  • Often include timers for better temperature control, allowing you to use the minimum amount of energy you need to cool your room.

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Have any questions? Please call the Energy Efficiency Infoline at 1-800-692-2626.


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