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Understanding Your Bill

If after browsing our frequently asked questions, you still have a question, feel free to contact us. Call 1-800-490-0025 (631-755-6000 outside NY Metro area) - Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., except holidays.


What is the Power Supply Charge?
The Power Supply Charge is basically the cost of the electricity we buy from various electric power producers on behalf of our customers. Learn more

What is the Efficiency & Renewables Charge?
The efficiency and renewables charge provides funding for the energy efficiency and renewable programs for our customers. This charge reflects our on-going commitment to encourage energy efficiency.

What is “Purchased Power?”
We do not own generation facilities on Long Island. We are, however, required to procure on behalf of our customers the energy and capacity necessary to meet its needs, including an appropriate reserve margin.

What are Delivery and System Charges?
Delivery and System Charges are the charges for owning, operating and maintaining the electric (transmission and distribution) system and for certain on-island generation.

What are Pilots?
PILOTs are Payments in Lieu of Taxes – Pilots are payments we make to local taxing jurisdictions such as school districts, in replacement of taxes formerly paid on utility owned property.

Do you generate electricity for your customers?
No, we do not own any power plants on Long Island. But, we are responsible for procuring electricity on behalf of our customers. We buy power from various on-island and off-island suppliers.

Why do you buy fuel for power plants?
Many of our contracts for generating capacity require that we either purchase the fuel used for the production of energy or reimburse the plant owner for such fuels. This form of contract is standard in the industry.

What can I do to reduce my energy costs?
Use electricity as efficiently as possible. By using electricity efficiently all year long and conserving as much as possible during high use periods, such as the summer, it’s possible to reduce electricity consumption by as much as ten to 15 percent and in some cases even more.

Do you have any programs designed to help me manage my electric account?
Yes. By registering for My Account, customers can view billing statements and sign up for paperless billing, our online bill notification service. In the My Account section, customers can also view electricity consumption on a month-to-month basis going back two years. Monitoring energy use over a period of time can also assist in making energy saving decisions that will help lower bills. We also has a number of bill payment options available to assist you. For example, Balanced Billing helps “levelize” monthly payments over a 12-month period to eliminate high seasonal bills. Customers can also enroll in Direct Pay, a program that automatically deducts your electric bill payment from your checking or savings account. Enroll online or call the Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-490-0025 for more information and assistance.



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