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North Shore University Hospital Dedicated Feeder Line Project

A Reliability Project

This project was completed in July 2015.

The North Shore University Hospital Dedicated Feeder Project was designed to meet the growing needs of the hospital by adding one new dedicated electric feeder line. We worked closely with local officials on this project, keeping them informed and working to minimize potential disruptions. This project was funded entirely by North Shore University Hospital.

Project Description and Benefits
PSEG Long Island installed one new dedicated feeder line to serve North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset. The new line connects the Great Neck Substation directly to the hospital. The project is designed to improve reliability for this major regional hospital, storm harden the area and enable the grid to keep pace with the growing demand for electricity.

Project Route
The project covered 1.76 miles starting at the Great Neck Substation.

  • The work done in the substation took place within the fence line.
  • The line travels east underground along Shoreward Drive, Highland Road and Colonial Road to East Shore Road.
  • It then continues underground along East Shore Road to Community Drive and onto North Shore University Hospital property near the Emergency Room entrance.

North Shore Hospital Map

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What was the timeline for the project?
    Construction began in February 2015, and was completed July 2015.
  • How big/tall were the new poles and where are they located?
    Because this feeder line will be installed underground, no poles are being added or replaced.
  • Did the project include tree trimming?
  • Were there any traffic interruptions?
    There were some traffic interruptions. To ensure traffic moved safely, PSEG Long Island and its contractor provided cones, flagmen and signage at the work sites, as needed, to minimize interruptions.
  • Were there any power outages?
    PSEG Long Island did not have any power outages related to this project.
  • Why did you bury this power line, but not others?
    The cost to install wires and equipment underground is generally 3 to 4 times the cost of an overhead installation. Ratepayers across the system would have to bear that substantial extra expense, which does not generally make it cost-effective. In this case, North Shore University Hospital funded the improvements itself, at no cost to other ratepayers.
  • Did you have permission to do this work?
    PSEG Long Island secured the proper NYSDOT permits.
  • Whom can I contact for more information?
    Customers with questions about the project can contact PSEG Long Island Customer Service at 1-800-490-0025.


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