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Long Beach Conversion Project

A Reliability Project

This project was completed in December 2014.

PSEG Long Island is committed to delivering best-in-class system reliability to our customers and to harden the system to better withstand the types of extreme weather, like Superstorm Sandy, that greatly impacted Long Beach. The Long Beach Conversion Project meets the growing needs of Long Beach residents and strengthens the system. 

Project Overview

  • The purpose of the project was to improve the reliability of the electric service to the area.
  • The work was necessary to complete the conversion of this area from a 4 kV to a 13 kV electric distribution system. The 4 kV electric distribution system is an early generation voltage that PSEG Long Island is converting to 13 kV, the current, reliable and resilient standard.
  • Following the devastation of Superstorm Sandy, pad-mounted transformers were installed to restore power – a non-standard solution that limited options to quickly restore power in the event of failure or future storm damage. The area is now fed directly from a substation as opposed to the temporary pad-mounted solution.
  • 31 poles, capable of withstanding 130 mph winds, greater than what was experienced during Superstorm Sandy, were installed.
    • Four will remain the same height
    • 13 will be five feet taller
    • 14 will be 10 feet taller

Project Route

  • The overhead route was on Magnolia Blvd. between West Park Avenue and West Pine Street.
  • The majority of the underground work will take place between West Park Avenue and National Boulevard and Centre Street (in front of City Hall).

Additional Project Benefits

  • The 13 kV system provides "ties" to adjacent 13 kV feeders in the area, providing redundancy and more options to restore power in the event of a failure or future storm damage.
  • The mainline in the area will be supplied from a circuit breaker in the substation, further bringing enhanced reliability to Long Beach.


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