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City of Glen Cove

These projects are either funded through the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program or are part of our ongoing reliability projects. 

FEMA Projects

Project Locations:
PSEG Long Island is committed to delivering best-in-class system reliability to our customers and to hardening the system to better withstand extreme weather like Superstorm Sandy. Strengthening key electric circuits in your neighborhood will improve the reliability of the electric grid for thousands of our customers. We are working closely with local officials on this project, keeping them informed and working to minimize potential disruptions.

FEMA Electric Circuit Improvement Projects:
Frequently Asked Questions

  • Affected Route One - City of Glen Cove
    McLoughlin Street between Dickson Street and Carpenter Street (front and rear property)
    Janet Lane between Dickson Street and dead-end
    Dickson Street between McLoughlin Street and New Street
    Ellwood Street between Elizabeth Street and The Place
    The Place between Ellwood Street and Charles Street
    Charles Street between Glen Cove Avenue and Park Place
    Glen Cove Avenue between Charles Street and Morris Avenue
    Continental Place between Hendrick Avenue and Johnson Street
    Hendrick Avenue between Continental Place and Lindbergh Avenue
    Porter Place between Lindbergh Avenue and Robinson Avenue
    Hendrick Avenue between Porter Place and Hendrick Avenue West
    Hendrick Avenue West between Hendrick Avenue and dead-end
    Hendrick Avenue East between Vanderbilt Lane and dead-end
  • Affected Route Two - City of Glen Cove: Complete
    Crescent Beach Road between New Woods Road and Landing Road
    Maple Avenue between Park Avenue and Dosoris Lane
    Dosoris Way between School Street/Forest Avenue and Walnut Road
    Trubee Place between Dosoris Way and St. Andrews Lane
    St. Andrews Lane between Trubee Place and Walnut Road
    Francis Terrace between Dosoris Way and Highland Road
    Highland Road between Franklin Avenue and Walnut Road
    Walnut Road between Highland Road and Town Path
    Pearsall Avenue between Glen Street and Duck Pond Road
    Duck Pond Road between Pearsall Avenue and Meadow Spring Lane
    Elm Avenue between Glen Street and Wolfle Street
  • Affected Route Three - City of Glen Cove, Village of Lattingtown, and Village of Locust Valley
    Bayville Road between Feeks Lane and Oyster Bay Road
    Feeks Lane between Bayville Road and Factory Pond Road
    Ryefield Road between Bayville Road and Birch Hill Road
    Baldwin Avenue between Ryefield Road and Davis Street
    Birch Hill Road between Ryefield Road and Horse Hollow Road
    Horse Hollow Road between Bayville Road and Lattingtown Road
    Lattingtown Road between Horse Hollow Road and Dosoris Lane
  • Affected Route Four - City of Glen Cove and Village of Lattingtown
    Old Tappan Road between Dosoris Lane and Overlook Road
    High Elms Lane between Old Tappan Road and Sugar Maple Lane
    Sugar Maple Lane between Walnut Road and Bittersweet Lane
    Deepdale Court from Meadowfield Lane to dead-end
    Meadowfield Lane between Deepdale Court and Skunks Misery Road
    Cross Street between Tenth Street and Skunks Misery Road
    Skunks Misery Road between Lattingtown Ridge Court and Lattingtown Road
    Ludlam Lane between Lattingtown Road and Birch Hill Road
    Lattingtown Road between Skunks Misery Road and Horse Hollow Road 
    Birch Hill Road between Forest Ave and Ryefield Road 
    Davis Street between Birch Hill Road and Baldwin Avenue
    Baldwin Avenue between Buckram Road and Davis Street 
    Buckram Road between Baldwin Ave and Bayville Road
  • Affected Route Five - City of Glen Cove and Village of Old Brookville
    Carney Street between Hazel Street and Cedar Swamp Road
    Route 107 (Glen Cove Road) between Cedar Swamp Road and Hoaglands Lane
    Chicken Valley Road between Route 107 (Cedar Swamp Rd) and Hegeman’s Lane
  • Affected Route Six - Town of Oyster Bay, City of Glen Cove, and Village of Old Brookville
    Fourth Street between Frost Pond Road and Cedar Swamp Road
    Frost Pond Road between Fourth Street and Brookville Lane
    Wolfle Street between Kelly Street and Second Street
    Brookville Lane between Frost Pond Road and Chicken Valley Road
    Duck Pond Road between Norfolk Lane and Piping Rock Road
    Viola Drive between Willits Road and Duck Pond Road
    Willits Road between Rellim Drive and Viola Drive
    Rellim Drive between Mercadante Place and Willets Road
    Lawrence Lane between Frost Pond Road and Mercadante Place
    Frost Pond Road between Lawrence Lane and Brookville Lane
  • Affected Route Seven - City of Glen Cove | Start Date: February 2018
    Rear property between Orchard Substation and Cedar Swamp Road north of Hazel Street dead-end
    Cedar Swamp Road between LIRR and Grove Street
    Town Path between Glen Street and Walnut Road
    Franklin Avenue between Town Path and Butler Street
    Highland Road between Francis Terrace and Stuart Drive
    North Lane between West Stuart Drive and School Street
    School Street between North Lane and Brewster Street
    Cottage Row between Brewster Street and Hill Street
    Chestnut Street between Cottage Row and Maple Avenue
    Landing Road between Cottage Row and Miller Street
    Ellwood Street between Landing Road and Coles Street
    Hill Street between Landing Road and Coles Court
    The Place between Hill Street and Charles Street

    Crews will move the main line wires underground along West Stuart Drive between North Lane and Stuart Drive, Stuart Drive between West Stuart Drive and Highland Road, and Highland Road between Stuart Drive and Oak Lane. This will storm-harden the main line circuit while allowing the utility poles and overhead secondary electric wires in rear properties to continue connecting residents to the energy grid.
    In addition, switching equipment will be replaced at Highland Road between Franklin Avenue and Francis Terrace, Landing Road between Crescent Beach Road and Miller Street and North Lane between School Street and West Stuart Drive



Reliability Project


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