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Floral Park Substation, Conversion and Reinforcement Project

A Reliability Project

This projected was completed in June 2015.

The Floral Park Substation, Conversion and Reinforcement Project is designed to meet the growing needs of area businesses and residents in Floral Park and New Hyde Park. It will add a new distribution circuit from the Floral Park Substation. We are working closely with local officials on this project, keeping them informed and working to minimize potential disruptions.

Project Description and Benefits
PSEG Long Island is installing one new circuit, upgrading and replacing the wire (or “reconductoring”) on the existing line and changing the voltages on some of the lines to be uniform with the surrounding area. The new circuit will connect the Floral Park Substation to the poles already in place along the route. The project is designed to improve reliability, storm harden the area and enable the grid to keep pace with the growing demand for electricity. There will also be a new underground cable installed along Atlantic Avenue between South Tyson Avenue and Childs Avenue and along King and Charles Streets between Plainfield Avenue and Linden Avenue.

Project Route
Most of the work will be along Plainfield Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, King Street, Charles Street, Linden Avenue, Jericho Turnpike, Lakeville Road, Stewart Avenue, Premier Blvd. and 11th Avenue. There will be some minor work done on adjacent streets as well. The work along Jericho Turnpike is anticipated to be done at night.

Project Timeline
Construction is expected to begin in February 2015, with an anticipated completion date in the fall of 2015.

Information on replacement poles and where they will be located:

  • 70 poles are being replaced
  • Eight new poles will be added at the following locations:
    • Atlantic Avenue, west of South Tyson Avenue
    • Childs Av, south of Atlantic Avenue
    • Plainfield Avenue, south of Main Street
    • Jericho Turnpike, west of Linden Avenue
    • Covert Avenue, south of Jericho Turnpike (New Hyde Park)
    • Stewart Avenue, west of Covert Avenue (New Hyde Park)
    • The south side of Jericho Turnpike approximately 100 feet west of Central Blvd. (New Hyde Park)
    • The north side of Jericho Turnpike approximately 100 feet west of Central Blvd. (New Hyde Park)
  • The actual height of the poles being installed will range from 34 feet – 39 feet, which is the same size as poles already in place.
  • Replacement poles will be stored in the Whiteside Substation during construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are you doing about so-called ‘double wood,’ when the old pole isn’t removed immediately?
    In many cases, several utilities put their equipment on the same pole. When a new pole is installed, the old one cannot be removed until all utilities remove their equipment. PSEG Long Island actively participates in and adheres to the National Joint Utilities Notification system. PSEG Long Island is in regular contact with Verizon, Cablevision and Lightower Fiber, among others, and notifies them when electric equipment and wires are removed, thereby enabling them to remove or transfer their wires to the new poles.
  • Will the project include tree trimming?
    Trees growing near power lines significantly increase the chance of power outages and pose safety risks. As we expand and improve our electric circuits, we will trim trees, where necessary, following our utility best practice model (ANSI A300 standards as well as the Best Management Practices Tree Pruning publication): 8 feet to each side; 12 feet above; and 10 feet below the conductor.
  • Will there be any traffic interruptions?
    To ensure traffic moves safely, PSEG Long Island will provide cones, flagmen and signage at the work sites, as needed, to minimize interruptions.
  • Will there be any power outages?
    PSEG Long Island anticipates some localized intentional power outages of short duration related to this project. All affected customers will be notified in advance of any power outage.
  • Do you have permission to do this work?
    PSEG Long Island has secured the proper local permits.
  • Whom can I contact for more information?
    Customers with questions about the project can contact PSEG Long Island Customer Service at 1-800-490-0025.
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