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Clean Energy Initiative Projects

LIPA aims to be a leader in the advancement of renewable energy resources and will voluntarily support achieving its share of New York’ Clean Energy Standard. By resolution dated October 25, 2012, the LIPA Board of Trustees set forth its plan to add 400 MW of new renewable energy generation to its resource portfolio. Below is a list of renewable energy procurements.

Procurement Size (MW) Description Issued
LIPA Solar RFP 50 Non-residential solar photovoltaic resources April 22, 2008
Feed-In Tariff I 50 Distributed solar photovoltaic resources June 28, 2012
Feed-In Tariff II 100 Distributed solar photovoltaic resources October 3, 2013
280 MW Renewable RFP 280 Varied renewable energy resources October 18, 2013
Feed-In Tariff II - Non-Solar 20 Non-solar renewable resources March 28, 2014
2015 South Fork RFP 169 Load Reduction and/or Power Production resources June 24, 2015
2015 Renewables RFP Variable Varied renewable energy resources December 22, 2015
Feed-In Tariff III 20 Non-residential rooftop solar and carport solar resources September 21, 2016
Feed-In Tariff IV - Fuel Cell 40 Fuel cell resources September 21, 2016




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