After an Outage

What to Expect Once the Weather Has Cleared

Once severe weather passes, it's time to assess damage and make repairs. Questions about cleanup? We've got answers.

Bringing in Reinforcements

When storms cause major damage, we supplement our workforce with crews from other utilities and contract crews. You may see trucks from companies you don't recognize. We're all working together to restore your power as safely and efficiently as possible.

When the Lights Come On... and Go Off Again

Our electric distribution system is complex. Sometimes, after a major storm, crews make temporary repairs to restore your power. When crews return to make the permanent repairs, they may need to turn off the power again to ensure their own safety. Those outages are temporary, and we'll reestablish power when repairs are completed and it's safe to do so.

Who's Responsible for What?

When your home, property, or equipment sustains electrical damage from a storm, who repairs or replaces it? When our crews must cut through brush and debris on your property to access and repair wires, who takes care of the clean-up?

  • Non-PSEG Long Island equipment: Call an electrician to make permanent repairs.
  • Tree/debris removal: If we must cut away trees/brush to restore power to your home, removing the tree and/or debris is your responsibility.
  • Power surge damage: If you believe we're responsible for damage to your personal equipment, you can submit a claim to PSEG Long Island. Call 1-800-CLAIM-88 to start the process.
  • Dead phone or cable: When severe weather knocks out your phone and/or cable service, you must call those companies to let them know. We don't notify the companies for you.

Bill Adjustments During an Outage

We calculate your bill's charges based on the amount of electricity you use. If you haven't used electricity because the power is out, your bill will reflect that drop in usage.