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Six Long Islanders Win PSEG Long Island’s Inaugural 'I Love My EV' Video Contest

(UNIONDALE, N.Y. – Feb. 25, 2022) – A handful of creative Long Islanders who love their electric vehicles are enjoying a little internet stardom after winning the 2021 PSEG Long Island I Love My EV Video Contest.

The winners ─ Maximo Brito of Bay Shore, Todd Leibowitz of Bellmore, Patricia Katz of Great Neck, Ellen DeFrancesco of Oceanside, the Huang family of Plainview, and Ted Lim of Port Washington ─ each submitted videos sharing their passion for their cars. One winner even sang her car’s praises. Each received a $500 prize and had their videos featured online.

The contest, which ran at the end of last year, encouraged drivers who lease or own plug-in electric vehicles, BEVs (battery electric vehicles) or PHEV (plug-in hybrid vehicles) to submit a photo of themselves with their vehicles. The contestants also submitted short videos in which they shared their EV models and where they are charged, their vehicle’s mileage range, how long they’ve been driving an EV, and the inspiration behind their purchase.

Brito, of Bay Shore, drives a Tesla Model Y. He said he loves to drive his EV for several reasons: “It’s convenient. I have access to the HOV lanes, I get to fuel up at home, there’s no oil changes and, since electricity is my fuel and electricity is cheaper than gas, a 50-mile trip from Bay Shore to Manhattan costs me only $1.22. That’s less than a gallon of gas. Plus there’s no emissions, so it’s easier on the planet.”

Leibowitz, of Bellmore, drives a 2021 Chevrolet Bolt and said he loves his EV because “it practically makes no sound, there’s no motor, and [by driving it,] I protect the environment and save on gas,” he said. He added that he will continue to drive an electric vehicle when his current lease ends.

Lim, of Port Washington, has a small child and drives a 2021 Tesla Model Y. “It is so important to drive electric for the future,” he said. “Yes, it’s not the only step we need to take to minimize our carbon footprint. [However,] it is a huge step in the right direction.”

Katz, of Great Neck, who drives a Tesla Model 3 sang her testimonial video, which included the lyrics, ”From upstate to downstate without a hitch. I plug in at Kingston. It’s such a stitch. It takes me near and far, my electric car.”

DeFrancesco, of Oceanside, considers herself an “eco-warrior.” She said that after six years of leasing hybrid vehicles, she decided it was the right time to go all-electric and bought herself a 2021 Tesla Model Y for her birthday. “It was easy for us to put a charger at home. Once fully charged, I can get over 300 miles,” she shared, adding that driving electric is one way she is helping save the planet for future generations.

The Huangs, of Plainview, own a 2021 BMW 330e xDrive. In their video, their son, Princeton said, “I love my EV because it’s sustainable, feels like the future and, most importantly, fits perfectly into my family’s lifestyle.”

PSEG Long Island created the inaugural I Love My EV Video Contest in partnership with Mission Electric, Drive Electric Long Island, and Greater Long Island Clean Cities in an effort to encourage more people to drive EVs.

“With this contest, we hoped current Long Island EV drivers would share their experiences about ownership, such as charging, maintenance and mileage range, and help educate people who are considering EVs,” said Michelle Somers, PSEG Long Island’s manager of Utility Marketing. “We were so excited to get so many great testimonials from happy EV drivers.”

"Transportation remains the largest source of New York State's greenhouse gas emissions and a major contributor to poor air quality, high asthma rates, and environmental impact in our region,” said Joy Gardner, Mission Electric’s executive director. “What better way to help cut these harmful emissions than by adopting vehicles that eliminate them altogether? We are thrilled to partner with PSEG Long Island to showcase local electric vehicle owners who are leading the charge for change by adopting zero emission vehicles!"

The winners were announced earlier this month on PSEG Long Island’s social media channels and each winner received a $500 Amazon gift card.

For more on PSEG Long Island’s commitment to helping Long Islanders “go electric” and to view the winners in a video, click here:



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