Balanced Billing

Budget-friendly Billing

Give yourself one less thing to worry about. Pay an electric bill that's the same amount every month.

New features for a truly balanced bill!

With Balanced Billing, you have the security of knowing the amount of each electric bill for the next 12 months. We'll project the cost of your electric usage for an entire year and divide it into 12 equal payments. Budget your finances without worrying about ups and downs in your electric bill.

At the 12-month mark, you'll pay the same or less...

  • If your monthly payment would create an overpayment at the end of the plan year, we’ll reduce it.
  • If your plan year ends with an excess balance, it’s rolled over* into the next 12 months. Your year-end bill will be the same amount you were billed all year.

Here’s how you’re billed the same or less all year.

In the example below, two customers have the same annual cost of $1,400 (about $117 per month). For Customer A, the Balanced Billing installment was set slightly over at $120 and for Customer B, slightly under at $110. As you can see, the installments don’t change during the year. In the 12th, or settlement, month here’s what happens to the bill:
  • Customer A: A bill of $120 would result in an overpayment, so it drops to $80, just like with the old program.
    Once your monthly payment is set at the beginning of the plan year, it will not change during the year.
  • Customer B: A bill of $110 brings the total to only $1,320 - short of the actual cost by $80. With the old program, the 12th bill would have suddenly increased to $190. Now, it will stay at $110, with $80 rolled over into the next plan year, spreading it out over 12 months.

Balanced Billing Chart

* Keep in mind that every time a new plan year begins, it’s based on a new projection of your annual energy costs and may include a rollover. That could lead to a new monthly payment amount.

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