Pool Clearance Requests

Install Your Pool Safely

Here's how to ensure that you have the proper clearance to install your pool without contacting electric lines.

Make sure your property has the proper clearance before installing a pool. Here's what you need to do:

Schedule a site visit

We need to visit your location to check pool clearance and ensure compliance with the National Electric Safety Code (NESC). Your pool must also comply with Town Codes. Please print, complete, and return the Pool Clearance Questionnaire so we may schedule a site visit.

Prepare for the site visit

Mark out the proposed location of the pool using spray paint or stakes and string. We cannot complete our measurements if the pool site is not marked out, and your project may be delayed. You do not need to be home during the site visit unless there is an access issue.

Submit your paperwork

Please submit all documentation to Building & Renovation Services by email or fax.
Email: BRSLI@pseg.com
Fax: 1-844-846-1550

Requests are typically completed within three to five weeks from the time all documentation is received, weather permitting.