New Electric Service

What You Need to Know

Follow these four steps to request new overhead or underground electric service.

Apply for service

To request electric service in areas that do not presently have a meter, or where PSEG Long Island facilities do not exist, you'll need to complete the following steps. These steps also pertain to requests which connect your home or business to existing electrical poles. First, download and print the residential or commercial application. If you are requesting more than one electrical meter, you must complete a separate application for each one. Double-check your application to ensure that it is signed and that all fields are complete. Incomplete applications could result in a delay of service

Provide a copy of your electrical inspection certificate

This document is required for ALL new services and/or service changes. Note: If your service location is in the Rockaway Peninsula, you will need a New York City Permit.

Have your electrician complete a load letter

For service sizes of 300 amps or more, and all commercial services, have your electrician complete a load letter. This will identify the load and rate of the service at your location. For specifications, consult our Red Book. Based on the load and the specifications of your installation, a payment and/or deposit may be required. IMPORTANT: When you send in your documentation to the email address below, please specify whether you or your electrician should receive the invoice, and please include a mailing address.

Submit your paperwork

Please submit all documentation to Building and Renovation Services by email or fax.
Fax: 1-844-846-1550

Requests are typically completed within three to five weeks from the time all documentation is received, weather permitting.