Demolition Requests

Ensure Safe Removal of Service

It's important that electric service is completely removed from a location before beginning demolition of any structure.

To request complete removal of electric service, where all electric facilities are removed from the premises, complete the following four steps. To disconnect gas or to confirm no gas exists at your location, please contact National Grid at 1-800-930-5003.

Call 1-800-490-0025 to request that your account be closed and finalized

We will schedule your final meter reading and bill. We cannot remove the electric facilities at your location until your account is closed and finalized.

Complete your demolition request application

Download, print, and complete the Electric Demolition Request form. Please be sure to complete all fields. IMPORTANT: After our field technicians have confirmed that your electric service has been removed, we will use the information on this form to mail you a confirmation letter. Please ensure that you provide the address where you would like this letter to be mailed. If you prefer email please provide your email address.

Provide proof of ownership

Only property owners may request service removal. You may submit proof of ownership in the form of a tax bill, deed, or title.Parties representing the owner will be required to submit legal documentation.

Submit your paperwork

Please submit all documentation to Building & Renovation Services by email or fax. Requests are typically completed within three to five weeks from the time all documentation is received, weather permitting. When you apply for re-connection please allow three to five weeks before moving back onto the premises.