Power of One

Celebrating Citizenship and Volunteerism

Power of One is PSEG Long Island’s community engagement initiative that recognizes and celebrates PSEG Long Island employees, as well as individuals outside of our company, for their volunteerism.

Service is about one person - one good deed at a time! 
The service we provide extends beyond providing safe and reliable energy to our customers, it also represents the individual contributions each of us makes to strengthen our communities and hometowns. And, while serving our communities, we also see first-hand the tremendous volunteerism that residents give so much of, whether that’s checking in on a neighbor during inclement weather or volunteering to teach, mentor, coach or offer our unique skills to others. 

Introducing the Power of One!

A year-long initiative to celebrate citizenship and volunteerism - from our employees and those who live and work in our communities.

  • Celebration of Citizenship
    An enterprise-wide program that recognizes PSEG Long Island employees for their acts of volunteerism. The company spotlights employees’ service; is expanding its portfolio of volunteer activities; and offers grants to select organizations for which volunteers give their time. Review Terms & Conditions
  • Bright Lights
    A program open to the public via social media - specifically Twitter - that recognizes select individuals who post about their volunteer efforts and good deeds in the community. This program catches people in the act of doing good and awards spot grants of $500 in their name to eligible organizations for which they volunteer. To participate in the Bright Lights program, volunteers are encouraged, but not required, to use the hashtag #PowerOfOnePSEGLI in their posts highlighting their community service. Review Terms & Conditions