Town of Smithtown

FEMA Electric Circuit Improvements

We're upgrading key electric circuits in your neighborhood to improve the electric grid's reliability.

Project Locations

Affected Route One - Towns of Islip and Smithtown and Village of Islandia: Complete

  • Long Island Expressway service road north between Blydenburgh Road and Veterans Memorial Highway
  • Blydenburgh Road between Long Island Expressway service road north and Townline Road
  • On Long Island Motor Parkway, one-tenth of a mile adjacent to the intersection of Blydenburgh Road
  • Townline Road between Blydenburgh Road and Lake Avenue South
  • Terry Road between Townline Road and Steven Place
  • Lake Ave South between Townline Road and Smithtown Boulevard

Affected Route Two - Town of Smithtown and Village of the Branch: Complete

  • Nissequogue River Road between Bridle Path Road and Route 25A (North Country Road)
  • Lawrence Ave between East Main Street and Oak Avenue
  • Wildwood Lane between Maple Avenue and Burlington Boulevard
  • Maple Avenue between Lawrence Avenue and Hauppauge Road
  • Mount Pleasant Road between Woodhollow Road and Cross Street
  • Cross Street between Mount Pleasant Road and Hauppauge Road
  • Hauppauge Boulevard between Cross Street and Westbrook Lane

Affected Route Three - Towns of Brookhaven, Islip, and Smithtown and Village of Lake Grove: Complete

  • Hawkins Avenue between Thorne Street and Carlson Road
  • Lakewood Road between Hawkins Avenue and Ronkonkoma Avenue
  • Ronkonkoma Avenue between Lakewood Road and Oakwood Avenue
  • Lake Terrace Road between Ronkonkoma Avenue and Lake Shore Road
  • Lake Shore Road between Lake Terrace Road and Warner Lane
  • Old Portion Road between Lake Shore Road and Portion Road
  • Portion Road between Old Portion Road and Ronkonkoma Avenue
  • Schoolhouse Road between Smithtown Boulevard and Smith Street
  • Smith Street between Schoolhouse Road and Hawkins Avenue
  • Hudson Avenue between Smith Street and Browns Road
  • Smithtown Boulevard between Rosevale Avenue and Nichols Road

Affected Route Four - Towns of Islip and Smithtown and Village of Islandia: Complete

  • Nesconset Highway (Route 347) between Sequoia Drive and Mount Pleasant Road
  • Mount Pleasant Road between Cross Street and Townline Road
  • Townline Road between Mount Pleasant Road and Wanda Lane
  • Hoffman Lane between Townline Road and Bridge Road
  • Long Island Motor Parkway between Veterans Memorial Highway (Route 454) and Blydenburgh Road
  • Veterans Memorial Hwy (Route 454) between Spartan Lane and Blydenburgh Road
  • Express Drive South between Hoffman Lane and Veterans Memorial Highway (Route 454)

Affected Route Five: Complete

  • Blydenburg Avenue between Nissequogue River Road and Landing Avenue
  • Edgewater Avenue between West Main Street (Route 25) and Brooksite Drive
  • West Main Street (Route 25) between New York Avenue and Edgewater Avenue
  • Brooksite Drive between Edgewater Avenue and West Main Street (Route 25)
  • Juniper Avenue between Edgewater Avenue and Brooksite Drive
  • Wildwood Lane between Juniper Avenue and New York Avenue
  • Brooksite Drive between Juniper Avenue and Nesconset-Port Jefferson Highway (Route 347)

Affected Route Six - Commack

  • Commack Road between Vanderbilt Parkway and North Gate
  • New Highway between Laurinda Drive and Gannet Drive
  • Harned Road between New Highway and Florida Avenue
  • Florida Avenue between Harned Road and dead-end
  • Shinbone Lane between Florida Avenue and Vanderbilt Parkway
  • Parkway Drive South between Moreland Road and Oser Avenue

Affected Route Seven - Commack: Complete

  • Scholar Lane between Town Line Road and Old Commack Road
  • Old Northport Road between Indian Head Road and Old Road
  • Distribution corridor between Old Northport Road (north of Long House Way) and Indian Head Road (across from Old Indian Head Road)
  • Half Hollow Road between Scholar Lane and Somers Lane
  • Somers Lane between Half Hollow Road and Indian Head Road
  • Indian Head Road between Somers Lane and Ashlon Lane
  • Indian Head Road between Jericho Turnpike (NY-25) and Old Northport Road
  • Indian Head Road between Long House Way and Byron Road

Affected Route Eight - Smithtown and the Village of Head of the Harbor: Complete

  • Edgewood Avenue between Fifty Acre Road and North Country Road (Route 25A)
  • North Country Road (Route 25A) between East Hill Gate and Moriches Road
  • Woodlawn Avenue between North Country Road (Route 25A) and Lake Avenue
  • Jefferson Avenue between Woodlawn Avenue and Middle Country Road (Route 25)
  • Middle Country Road (Route 25) between Terry Road and Lake Avenue
  • Southern Boulevard between Middle Country Road (Route 25A) and Neslo Drive
  • Browns Road between Middle Country Road (Route 25A) and Lake Avenue

Affected Route Nine - St. James, Stony Brook, and the Village of Head of the Harbor | Start Date: November 2018

Posted Date: October 24, 2018

  • The route will cover approximately 4.5 miles along an electric main line circuit. PSEG Long Island crews will be working on the following streets:
  • North Country Road (Route 25A) between Moriches Road and Blydenburgh Lane
  • Mills Pond Road between North Country Road and LIRR tracks
  • Stony Brook Road between North Country Road (Route 25A) and Memory Way
  • Oxhead Road between Stony Brook Road and Ballad Lane  

Crews will move the main line wires underground along the following streets:

  • Oxhead Road between Ballad Lane and Nicholls Road
  • Stony Brook Road between Dogwood Drive and North County Road (under LIRR tracks)

This will storm-harden the main line circuit while allowing the utility poles and overhead secondary electric wires in rear properties to continue connecting residents to the energy grid.
In addition, switching equipment will be replaced at North Country Road (Route 25A) west of Mills Pond Road, Stony Brook Road east of North Country Road (Route 25A) and Stony Brook Road south of University Heights Drive