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PSEG Long Island Provides Tips for National Electric Safety Month

(UNIONDALE, N.Y. – May 15, 2023) PSEG Long Island is offering tips for its customers in recognition of May as Electric Safety Month.

These practical tips can help families stay safe from electricity hazards and dangers:

  • Do not handle electric appliances where there is moisture and never use electric appliances in wet or damp areas unless they are specifically rated as such and “childprotected” by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).
  • Cover unused electrical outlets with plastic safety coverings to protect small children and pets from potential harm.
  • Inspect all appliance cords and extension cords regularly to ensure that they are not frayed or broken. Ensure that cords do not run under rugs, through doorways or have furniture resting on them, as that could damage them.
  • Never use water to put out an electric fire, because water acts as a conductor and can cause shock. Fire extinguishers rated “Class C” should be kept in the home and used for electric fires.
  • Install smoke detectors on ceilings near all bedrooms, while avoiding air vents and cooking areas. All types of smoke detectors should be tested regularly to ensure the alarm is functioning properly.
  • Downed wires should always be considered “live.” Stay at least 30 feet away from downed power lines and call PSEG Long Island’s 24-hour Electric Service at 800-490-0075, use the web chat feature at or call 911 to report a downed wire.

Because it’s never too early to teach children about electricity safety, PSEG Long Island has created programs to educate children as young as five to keep them safe.

PSEG Long Island’s Touch-a-Truck program is available to schools and camps across the service territory. Lineworkers will bring their trucks to the school or camp to teach about electric safety. The lineworkers show the children how the truck and its components work, the safety gear they must wear while they work, and answer questions to help the students understand. The youngsters enjoy being close up to a bucket truck as they get practical safety tips from PSEG Long Island’s first responders.

PSEG Long Island’s Safety Sleuth is an educational poster-creating program designed for first- through fourth grade students. The electrical safety coursework provides age-appropriate lessons, such as staying safe around downed wires outside, and around electrical outlets indoors; and it meets educational standards on these subjects. As part of the program, students are encouraged to create posters (see above for two examples), which may be included in an online gallery.

Both of these youth-focused programs are offered free of charge by PSEG Long Island. To request a Touch-a Truck event at a school or camp, or if you would like to know more about having your child’s class participate in the Safety Sleuth poster creation program, visit and complete the “Community Partnership Program request form.”


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