Press Release

PSEG Long Island Offers Tips to Save Money and Beat the Heat

(Uniondale, NY – June 29, 2018) — With hot weather in the forecast, PSEG Long Island is ready for the heat and it urges customers to be prepared and stay safe.

“PSEG Long Island has been working nonstop since 2014 to upgrade the energy grid to withstand extreme weather,” said John O’Connell, Vice President of Transmission and Distribution, PSEG Long Island. “We are prepared to meet the increased electrical demand that high temperatures bring. We would also like to remind customers of the importance of personal safety in times of high heat.”

High temperatures can also lead to higher energy use, resulting in higher electric bills. To help save energy and money this summer, follow a few simple tips:

  • Install a smart thermostat and enroll in the Smart Savers Thermostat Program. This allows the utility to make minor, short-term adjustments to the temperature in the home, which reduces power use during periods of high demand. In addition to the savings on the bill, customers will receive $85 for enrolling. To learn more, visit
  • Seal holes and cracks around doors and windows with insulation or weather-stripping.
  • Don’t cool an empty house. Set the thermostat higher when away.
  • Ceiling fans cool fast and cost less than air conditioning.
  • Close blinds and draperies facing the sun to keep out the heat from the sun.
  • Replace air filters monthly. Dirty filters make the air conditioner work harder.
  • Use a microwave or crockpot instead of the oven. This will not heat the house.
  • Set refrigerators and freezers to the most efficient temperatures.
  • Replace old appliances with new energy efficient ENERGY STAR® appliances.

PSEG Long Island energy efficiency programs provide residential and commercial customers with the tools needed to incorporate energy efficient practices and technologies to help lower energy usage. For information on PSEG Long Island energy saving programs and tips visit

During extreme heat conditions, customers should:

  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol.
  • Avoid wearing dark colors because they absorb the sun’s rays.
  • Never leave children or pets alone in enclosed vehicles.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise during the hottest part of the day.

As always, PSEG Long Island will address any outages as safely and quickly as possible. To learn more about the utility’s reliability enhancements, visit


PSEG Long Island operates the Long Island Power Authority’s transmission and distribution system under a 12-year contract. PSEG Long Island is a subsidiary of Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated (NYSE:PEG), a publicly traded diversified energy company with annual revenues of $9.1 billion.