System Relief Program

The Cheapest Power is the Power You Don't Use

Using less power pays off in multiple ways; lower bills for you and more stable costs for everyone since it reduces the need to build new power plants. These programs will actually reward you for using less power.

Reducing Demand

You can receive a monthly payment for a few months each year simply for committing to temporarily reduce your electric demand by a certain level of kilowatts (kW), no more than a few times per year. You may even be able to work with third-parties, known as “aggregators,” that bring multiple businesses together and commit to a certain kW reduction. You’d be asked in advance to reduce electric demand for a certain period of time, typically less than four hours. During such an event, you’d receive another payment for your participation. Of course, reducing your electric use will also reduce your electric bill.

How Does it Work?
Like rush hour on the road, there are peak times when the need for electricity is great enough to strain the electric system. It can become necessary to build additional capacity into the system or even new power plants – like adding lanes to a highway. As you can imagine, that’s very costly. It’s far more cost-effective to reduce the use of power than to produce more of it.

On the roads, one way to reduce the strain is with carpooling. Our new programs will pool together customers who agree to reduce their electric use – and reward them for doing so. While this offers a direct benefit to you, everyone wins because the end result is a more efficient electric system running as smoothly as a finely-tuned car on the open road.

Financial Incentives
Participating customers will receive a reservation payment based on the amount of energy you have pledged to reduce upon request. This payment will be made whether or not you’re asked to reduce energy use. There are additional payments for any actual electric load reduction.

Reservation Payment (per kW per month)...........................$8.00*
Payment for Performance for Load Relief (per kWh)............$0.25

*$8 per kW for those customers enrolled in both the CSRP and DLRP programs. See the PSEG Long Island Electric Rate Tariff for more detail on the programs.

Aggregator Eligibility Requirements
Aggregators must meet certain requirements in order to participate in PSEG Long Island’s Commercial System Relief Program and the Distribution Load Relief Program (collectively the “Program”). These requirements do not apply to PSEG Long Island’s customers who aggregate and enroll accounts at multiple locations where they own or operate the facilities. Download eligibility requirements