MyBusinessEnergy Portal

MyBusinessEnergy is our free online tool that gives you critical information on how your business uses energy so you can cut costs and save money. The MyBusinessEnergy tool provides personalized information on how your business uses energy, cost and usage trends over time, comparisons to other similar businesses, weather impacts on energy use and customized recommendations to maximize savings.

Access the MyBusinessEnergy Portal

Log in to My Account and follow the simple steps below for your particular rate.


Rate 280 Customers:

Select “View More Cost and Usage Trends” found below the Bill Comparison graph within My Account.



Time of Use and Demand Rate Customers:

Select “View More Cost and Usage Trends” found below the Cost and Usage Trends graph within My Account.



Summary Account Customers:

Select “Track My Usage” found on the right hand side of the My Account dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have multiple accounts, will I be able to access each account separately?
If you have multiple business accounts linked to your My Account username, you can navigate from one account to the other within the MyBusinessEnergy portal by clicking “Customer ID” in the blue bar at the top of the page.

How can I maximize recommendations specifically to my business?
You can maximize energy efficiency recommendations by supplying basic information about your business. The system may prompt you to answer some questions when you access the MyBusinesssEnergy portal or you can select “Basic Questions” on the Site Profile tab to add more information about your business.

Can I download data or reports?
The assessment report is available for download on the MyBusinessEnergy portal and provides a summary of your site information as well as current energy efficiency recommendations.