Value of Distributed Energy

VDER phase one begins the process toward a more accurate valuation and compensation of Distributed Energy Resources.

VDER Value Stack Calculator

The Value Stack Calculator was developed to provide an accurate estimate of a PV project’s compensation under the Value Stack. The Value Stack Calculator will be periodically updated and revised: please make sure you are using the most recent version of the calculator. It requires a recent version of Microsoft Excel.


Additional Value of Distributed Energy resources

Net Metering

As of January 1, 2018, all existing net metered customers will continue to receive net metering for the life of the customer’s system. Demand-metered commercial customer-generators, demand-metered commercial participants in community distributed generation projects, and remote net metering hosts that submitted complete applications after April 30, 2018 are compensated using the Phase One Value Stack.

Smart Meters

Smart meters, for your home or business, can help developers obtain energy data to customize your solar array. Learn more.

Questions and Support

Questions about VDER and the Value Stack can be directed to VDER@pseg.com