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Renewable resources empower ourselves with change that is good for the environment, our economy and for society.

Value of Distributed Energy Resources

VDER phase one begins the process toward a more accurate valuation and compensation of Distributed Energy Resources.

NY-Sun Incentive Program

If you've thought about going solar, that's a smart impulse. Solar or photovoltaic (PV) systems are durable, reliable, and require very little maintenance. Thanks to NY-Sun incentives, along with state and federal tax incentives, solar installation may be more affordable than ever. Check out these links to learn more:

Community Distributed Generation (CDG)

CDG makes renewable energy, particularly solar power, more accessible to more people. With CDG, sometimes known as shared renewable energy, multiple customers can save money on their electric bills thanks to energy credits generated by one, large solar array located elsewhere. The array is managed by a host that enrolls customers and acts as a liaison with PSEG Long Island. 

Remote Net Metering

Remote net metering allows farm and non-residential customers with wind, solar or farm waste electric generating equipment at one location to utilize their excess generation to reduce their electric bills on accounts at other locations.