Rebates and Eligibility

Heat Pump Rebates by Project Type

Please see the various projects, requirements and rebates.

Rebate Information

Please see the latest rebate information below. 

Eligible Equipment Rebate
Whole-House Projects
Ductless and Ducted Cold Climate
Air Source Heat Pumps

$1,000/12000 heating BTU @ 17°F
(Non income-eligible customer)

$2,000/12000 heating BTU @ 17°F
(Income-eligible customer)

Dual Fuel/Intergrated Controls

$500/project (Non income-eligible customer)
$750/project (Income-eligible customer)

For whole-house eligibility, heat pumps must be sized at 90% - 120% of peak heating load. Intergrated controls and Manual J are required.


Eligible Equipment Uniform Energy Factor (UEF)  Rebate (Per Unit) Number of Units 
Water Heating Rebates
Heat Pump Water Heater ≤ 55  ≥ 2.00
$1,000  Maximum of one unit
Heat Pump Water Heater > 55
 ≥ 2.20
$1,000 Maximum of one unit
Tankless Water Heater < 12 kW  ≥ 0.93
$100 Maximum of three units
Tankless Water Heater ≥ 12 kW  ≥ 0.93 $300 Maximum of one unit


Eligible Equipment Rebate (Per Unit)
Tune-Up Rebates
Central Air Conditioner $40
Ducted Air Source Heat Pump
Systems five years and older are eligible for a rebate. Only one rebate per system is available during a five-year period.


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