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Customer Assistance Programs

We are responsive to all our customers’ needs and committed to improving the quality of life within our service territory. That is why we offer an array of services for our customers with special needs. Knowing about these services may help you or your loved ones, now or in the future. Download the Caring for Our Customers BrochurePDF

Financial Assistance  

Critical Care Program
If you or a family member rely on life-support equipment, filing a medical certificate from your doctor, local Board of Health, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant with us now is important. 

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Special Protections for Medical Emergencies

medical careWe provide additional time so that payment arrangements can be made for customers or their immediate family who are ill or have a chronic medical condition. We will continue electric service for thirty days and will not terminate service during a medical emergency; however, the customer is responsible for the payment of their electric bill. Senior citizens, 62 years or older, and those with disabilities should also contact us so that appropriate protections may be provided.

Customers in this situation must provide us with a Medical Certificate from a licensed physician, local Board of Health, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant and the certificate must state:

  • Why the electric service is required during the health emergency
  • The medical professional’s name, address, telephone and license number
  • The customer’s name, address, telephone and account number

Peace of Mind Program
This assistance plan for hospitalized customers extends the due date of their bill for an additional thirty (30) days. Customers who are hospitalized, or have an immediate member of the family in the hospital, qualify for the program. To learn more or to apply for Peace of Mind protections, please call us at 800-490-0025.

Friendly Follow-Up Program
Sometimes circumstances make it difficult for our customers to keep track of their account. Our Friendly Follow-Up Program allows customers to designate a relative, trusted friend, or social service agency to receive an extra copy of your electric bill should it become overdue. This extra protection can help keep your account current if you’re planning a long vacation, live alone or are unable to make timely payments for other reasons such as illness or an emergency. The person chosen to receive notification from us will not be responsible for paying the bill, but can help keep track of your electric account. Download the enrollment formPDF

Ensure Your Power Supply Is Protected
High winds, tree branches, lightning, or ice can disrupt electric service. There are preventive measures you can take to maintain your life-support equipment. Such as:

  • Contact your local fire and police departments and inform them of your health situation. Find out now what kind of assistance (such as transportation or first aid) they can offer during a power outage.
  • Develop a network of friends, relatives and neighbors you can rely on for help.
  • Arrange to stay with a friend or relative in the aftermath of a major storm. Check now to see which person’s home can accept your equipment without difficulty. Have alternative sites in case your first choice is also without power.
  • Let us know immediately if you change your telephone number or if your situation changes and there is no longer a need for the equipment.
  • Consider having a licensed electrician install a standby generator. If you do, please notify us. Operating a generator without our knowledge can be dangerous for you and for our field personnel. To have your generator inspected for safety, call the location nearest you.
    • Brentwood . . .516-545-4082
    • Hewlett . . . . . 516-545-2469
    • Riverhead . . . .516-545-3782, 516-545-2221
    • Hicksville . . . .516-545-2242

Hearing/Speech Impaired – TDD Services
Customers who are hearing or speech impaired can call our TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) Service for assistance at 631-755-6660.

Si Habla Espanol
Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre su cuenta de electricidad, o si desea obtener informacion sobre algunos de nuestros programas, por favor llame a nuestro departamento de Servicio al Cliente y pida hablar con uno de nuestros representantes de habla hispana. Al telefono 800-490-0025.

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