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Upgrade or Change of Service Requirements

To request a change of service at your location, where a meter and/or PSEG Long Island facilities currently exist and are either being upgraded or changing from overhead service to underground service, please submit the documents outlined below and complete the following steps:



Load Letter  

Connects Form  

Checkmark Electrical Inspection Certificate
Provide a copy of your Electrical Inspection Certificate. This document is required for ALL new services and/or service changes. If your service location is in the Rockaway Peninsula, you will need a New York City Permit.

Load Letter Completed by Your Electrician
For a service 200 amps or less, please provide a PSEG Long Island Connects FormPDF completed by your electrician. For service sizes 300 amps or more and all commercial services, please provide a Load LetterPDF completed by your electrician. This will identify the load and rate of the service at your location. 

For specifications make reference to our Red BookPlease note: Based on the Load and the specifications of your installation, a payment and/or deposit may be required and you will be contacted by a PSEG Long Island representative. If a payment is required you or your electrician will be invoiced, please identify who should receive this invoice in your email and please be sure to include the address.

Checkmark  Submission of Request
Please submit all documentation to Building & Renovation Services either via email to or via fax at 1-844-846-1550. From the time all documentation is received, requests typically have a 3-5 week time frame for completion, weather permitting. 

Have a question?
Should you have any additional questions, require a site meet, or need more info, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions. You can also contact Building & Renovation Services, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. at 1-844-341-6378 or email


Last Updated 09/16/2016 9:06 PM