Smart Grid and Smart Meters

Improving Long Island's Tomorrow

Learn how digital technology is enhancing power delivery—and how it can help save you money.

Información importante sobre la actualización de su medidor eléctrico

Ensuring safe, reliable, and abundant energy

We're working hard to modernize the energy grid that delivers your power. Through digital technology and two-way communications, often referred to as the Smart Grid, we can improve the reliability and efficiency of the energy grid. In terms of more visible action, you might see us replacing existing electric meters with new Smart Meters. A Smart Meter offers two-way, automated communications between the meter and the utility.

Ultimately, using Smart Meters and Smart Grid capabilities saves energy and reduces costs for you, our customers. With advanced monitoring and control capabilities, these new technologies can identify problems instantly and route electricity around them to minimize outages.

What do Smart Meters and Smart Grid capabilities mean to you?

  • Long-term reliability and less need for new energy sources, due to an updated energy grid
  • Reduced outages, thanks to faster isolation of problems
  • Faster power restoration, as a result of two-way communication
  • More visibility into your energy costs, through Smart Meter data that provides detailed insights into power usage
  • Reduced costs, as more information leads to ways to increase efficiency
  • Fewer billing errors, as Smart Meters eliminate the need for estimated bills

Smart Meter Installation

Installing a new smart meter is a simple and safe process.