My Smart Energy Lab

Energy Education from the Comfort of Home

Our virtual My Smart Energy Lab showcases the benefits of smart meters, educates children about electrical safety and more.

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Smart Meters + Homes

Solar Powered, Self-Sustaining

The 48-foot trailer is powered entirely by 21 roof-mounted solar panels. These panels generate enough electricity to run several display screens, lighting, cooling and heating equipment, an electric vehicle charger and a cell phone charging station for our visitors.

stations of the smart energy lab

Interactive and Informational

From the basics of the energy grid to the electrical connections at your home, each section is designed to answer the most common customer questions.

Designed With You in Mind

“I am very proud to say that the My Smart Energy Lab was proposed, designed and developed by our own PSEG Long Island employees in order to give our customers better insight into the energy grid, renewable energy, emerging technologies and other important subjects. We’re excited that it will shed light on the benefits of innovations like smart meters — but more importantly, it gives us a chance to show people who we are and what we do.”
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