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PSEG Long Island Gives Suffolk County Community College more than $130,000 in Energy Efficiency Rebates for new STEM Center

New building on Brentwood campus 100% powered by the energy of the sun and earth

SCCC and PSEGLI check presentation

Photo caption: pictured from left to right are: Brian Hassan, Jeremy Goldsmith, Walter Hoefer and Michael Voltz of PSEG Long Island with Dr. Edward Bonahue and Dr. Donna Ciampa of Suffolk County Community College in the mechanical room of the Renewable Energy STEM Center building.

(UNIONDALE, N.Y. – June 27, 2023) With more than $130,000 in energy efficiency rebates, PSEG Long Island congratulates Suffolk County Community College for saving money while conserving energy and considering the environment in its new Renewable Energy STEM center.

The rebated projects include ground source VRF heat pumps, LED lighting, enhanced insulation and an advanced building management system. To date, nearly $85,000 has been awarded, with the additional $48,000 to be rebated in the near future.

The building, which is part of the Michael J. Grant Campus in Brentwood, was created “net zero,” which means the energy required to power, illuminate, heat, cool and ventilate the building will be equal to or less than the energy produced from its renewable sources.

“PSEG Long Island commends Suffolk County Community College for setting an example for its students and the community by creating this beautiful net zero building. Installing equipment to power, heat and cool the building using the earth and the sun will save the college thousands of dollars in energy costs. The decision to go green will conserve energy for our immediate and long-term future.”

- Michael Voltz, Director of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, PSEG Long Island

"Our new STEM building is a clean and green energy laboratory,” said Suffolk County Community College President Dr. Edward Bonahue. “The energy-saving installation of ground source variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat pumps, LED lighting, enhanced insulation, and an advanced building management system allows our students, and the whole community, to learn about the value of clean energy and the latest technologies in real time, as we prepare them for the clean energy sector jobs of the future."

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