Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Commercial System Relief Program?

This program reduces energy use at critical times, such as on very hot summer days. Participating customers receive financial incentives for committing to briefly reduce their electric use during peak periods when demand for energy is at its highest. It’s a cost effective way to delay or avoid the installation of costly utility equipment and additional power plants, while also reducing fossil fuel emissions.

Who is eligible for the program?
This program is available to all commercial customers who agree provide a minimum of 50 kilowatts (kW) of load relief during a critical peak electric day.

What is the program period?
The program runs each year from May 1st – September 30th.

What are the financial incentives for participating in the program?
Participating customers will receive a reservation payment based on the amount of energy they have pledged to reduce upon request. This payment will be made whether or not you’re asked to reduce energy use. There are additional payments for any actual electric load reduction.

Reservation Payment (per kW per month).......................... $8.00*
Payment for Performance for Load Relief (per kWh)......... $0.25

*if also enrolled in the Distribution Load Relief Program.

How often will customers be asked to reduce electric usage?
That depends on the energy grid’s load situation. The program will be initiated during critical situations when the demand on the electric system is highest. The actual number of reduction events will vary based on the electric load situation and weather conditions. A typical event lasts for approximately four hours.

How do I enroll in the Commercial System Relief Program?
Simply download and submit the Commercial System Relief Program Application found on the PSEG Long Island website

Are there any risks involved?
The program does include reduced payments if a customer is not able to reduce electric usage in the amount committed to at enrollment. Payment reduction is determined by the recalculation of a customer’s performance factor, and the new factor is then applied to the enrollment kW commitment value.

How are participating customers notified of a power reduction event?
Notification is given by email at least 21 hours in advance of a power reduction event and then again two (2) hours before the scheduled event.

Do I need special equipment in order to participate in the program?
Customers enrolling in the program will be provided with an AMI meter at no cost. This will accurately determine the electric load reduction during a curtailment period.

Will I be able to use my existing generator to make up for reduced electric load during an event?
Yes, you may use existing generation as long as it complies with the Commercial System Relief tariff specifications and all local codes. Please reference the electric tariff.

What are Load Aggregators?
Load Aggregators are businesses and organizations that advise and assist customers who participate in demand response programs such as this. PSEG Long Island authorizes Load Aggregators to enroll customers in the Commercial System Relief Program and be the one point of contact for notification of scheduled events during the Program Period.